Lethbridge City Council granting permission to the local astronomy society for the installation of its solar system model project.

Planets will be placed at various spots around the city with a couple of them extending into the surrounding area.

President of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society, Tom Anderson, says there is obviously a huge educational component to this project as well as a tourism opportunity as it will be the largest of its kind in Canada.

The Astronomy Society initially came to council back in August 2016 with a funding request of $5000 but has since acquired full funding without the help of council.

The planets, which will be relatively small, will be placed at the following locations:

Sun – dome of the Post Office downtown
Mercury – Lethbridge Public Library downtown branch
Venus – Civic Commons
Earth – Fire Station No. 1
Mars – Galt Musuem and Archives
Jupiter – University of Lethbridge
Saturn – Chinook High School
Uranus – Broxburn
Neptune – Park Lake