A Lethbridge murder case is being profiled this week on a Canadian true crime show.

78 year old Irene Carter was killed four years ago this month in her south side home. The woman’s daughter, Lisa Freihaut eventually pleaded guilty to the killing and is serving a life sentence.

Lethbridge Police Sergeant Ryan Stef’s investigation will be featured in an episode this Thursday on CBC’s “The Detectives”.

Irene Carter was found murdered in her Normandy Road home in 2016. Initially it appeared the grandmother was the victim of a robbery gone wrong, but as the investigation progressed Stef and members of the Violent Crimes Unit began to expose a web of lies that implicated a shocking suspect – the senior’s own daughter.

The episode. titled “Out of Lies”, features a dramatic re-enactment of the case.

At the time Carter was killed, Sergeant Stef was a member of the LPS Violent Crimes Unit.

(With files from LPS)