Monday, January 30, 2023

University of Lethbridge dedicates Carolla Calf Robe Elders and Ceremony Room

The Elders Room at the University of Lethbridge is now officially called the Carolla Calf Robe Elders and Ceremony Room.

Calf Robe, who passed away last May, spent 11 years with the U of L as an Elder in Residence.

Indigenous Student Advisor, Charlene Bruised-Head Mountain Horse, says Calf Robe would spend time at the U of L, two days per month, offering support and guidance to students.

She adds Calf Robe is sadly missed on campus.

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Calf Robe’s granddaughter, Tashina, was one of several people to speak at a ceremonial event Monday morning dedicating the space.

She says she’s grateful her grandmother’s work and knowledge is appreciated.

Calf Robe was also described as a native herbalist and often spoke to health sciences classes to share her knowledge of local plants.

Photo credit (Tina Karst)
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