Thursday, March 23, 2023

Provincial vote intentions in Lethbridge on par with local election results

It appears Lethbridge voters are, for the most part, still supporting the party they cast a ballot for the last provincial election.

The latest public opinion study released by Lethbridge College’s Citizen Society Research Lab shows each party that won a riding last Spring is still leading in the riding they won.

Research Chair, Dr. Faron Ellis, says the UCP has 37.7%support in Lethbridge East while the NDP has 29.1% support. Over in Lethbridge West, the NDP leads with 39.6% support and the UCP is close behind with 35.2%.

He says there’s no doubt the UCP has spent a considerable amount of its political capital in making adjustments to government services and other things, but it’s not leading to as much discontent with the government as social media in particular, is reporting.

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With no elected MLAs in the province, or a permanent leader, the provincial Liberals still captured about 15% support city-wide – 17.2% in Lethbridge East and 12.8% in Lethbridge West.

Ellis says much of that support comes from young voters “still enamored with Justin Trudeau who are transferring their federal vote into the provincial realm.”

The Alberta Party has about 4.9% support in Lethbridge while 3.6% of Lethbridge voters remain undecided.

College students interviewed 624 randomly selected adult Lethbridge residents by phone between February 8 and 11, 2020.

For the full survey results, visit the Citizen Society Research Lab.

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