One of two men caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of fossils from a local ammolite mine, pleading guilty on Thursday (Feb. 27) to a charge of theft over $5,000.

Workers at the mine, which is located near Lethbridge, say they called RCMP as they watched a pair of men stuff a fossil of an ancient coiled shellfish into a backpack last July, before they took off in a pick-up truck. The two were arrested a few days later.

Police say the fossil is worth about $40,000.

Bryan Fyfe, 34, admitted to his involvement in the theft, and was sentenced on Thursday (Feb. 27) to a one year conditional sentence order.

Fyfe will spend the first six months of his sentence under strict house arrest. During the final six months, he will be able to leave his home, but must abide by a curfew.

The second man accused in the case, Logan Heavy Shields, 26, pleaded not guilty to the theft charge against him back in January. Heavy Shields will be back in court at a later date.