Friday, October 7, 2022

#HireTogetherYQL: New campaign promotes local workforce discussion

A new campaign is being launched next week to promote discussion around the local workforce.

#HireTogetherYQL is a collaboration between Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge along with the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Lethbridge.

The aim is to open discussion between employers and employees as well as embracing the community brand, Lethbridge Brighter Together.

“Workforce is one of the areas we always talk about as an advantage for our area,” says Trevor Lewington, CEO, Economic Development Lethbridge. “When compared with other areas, Lethbridge has one the most youthful workforces in the country.”

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Results of a recent survey found that many local businesses feel workforce availability and qualification is a potential barrier to future growth. With help from the University and the College, this campaign will push open the dialogue to uncover what specific skills are required by local employers and provide opportunities for job seekers in the area to identify how they can help.

The campaign officially kicks off on Monday and will be asking businesses looking for workers to share posts and pictures on social media using the hashtag: HireTogetherYQL.

Prizes are being offered to both job seekers and employers. A $500 value to those job seekers will be offered and employers will be provided with up to $1,000 of complimentary training for their employees.

The contest ends April 30th.

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