A delegation from Lethbridge City Council spent that last week in Quebec City at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) convention.

Mayor Chris Spearman tells My Lethbridge Now.com they had a very positive meeting with the federal infrastructure department on how to secure funding for the Lethbridge airport.

“So we are looking at airport operations funding as well as terminal building funding. They certainly say the money is available federally, so it just needs cooperation from the province. We need to work with the province to figure out how to green light that money.

The Lethbridge Airport Master Plan would cost about $ 35 million dollars over 20 years to implement. The infrastructure review shows upgrades are needed to the air terminal building, airfield, groundside and parking.

Spearman notes the FCM heard from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who stated Ottawa continues to provide infrastructure money, however the provinces are finding ways to block it from getting to where it’s needed. The Mayor says the PM said if that continues to happen, the federal government might take control of infrastructure funding and give that directly to cities and towns instead of it coming from the provinces.

Spearman says the important thing is to make sure municipal priorities are listened to. “We’re not asking for a lot of money four our airport (in Lethbridge) but certainly it would be helpful to move that project forward sooner than later.”