Sunday, October 1, 2023

Introduction to Geocaching: The Whole Rainbow Series

Have you ever heard of geocaching?

Geocaching is a game similar to orienteering, except that it uses GPS to find coordinates on a digital map (using a smartphone or GPS device). We have well over 200 geocaches within the city of Lethbridge. Some are tiny (as small as the tip of your pinkie) and some are large boxes, big enough to trade trinkets and souvenirs. They all must contain a log book, which players must sign to prove they found the geocache.

It is free to start geocaching, but you will need a smartphone (with some data) or a GPS device. Geocaching can help you discover a new, interesting layer to places you think you know. It can get you outside, and you could find treasure, or learn about geography and history!

Did you know that there are over 300 geocaches hidden in Lethbridge alone?

This virtual introductory session will take you through everything you need to know to get started and find your first geocache, including:

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– What equipment you will need (spoiler: not much!)

– Geocaching guidelines

– Swag trading etiquette

– How the app works

– What to do if you get stuck and can’t find one

We will also cover exactly how to go about finding the new Rainbow Series and how to solve the final “mystery” cache. Join the virtual Intro to Geocaching event on Tuesday June 15th to learn more and get involved in this fun game!

Already a ‘caching pro? This series is active all month long, so you don’t wait to for this introduction event!

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