Monday, September 26, 2022

The Green ‘N Yellow Group’s Annual Quilt Fundraiser

Green n Yellow Group’s Annual Quilt Fundraiser, is meant to bring unity within the community in an innovative, yet creative way.

This quilt has a #yql business theme, including businesses from multiple and diverse industries. From Restaurants to Trades…and all industries in between.

This Quilt stands number one as Unity, because with Unity a community can move mountains and make great things happen for those in the community. Number two, we can raise money for local people’s or societies that may fall through the cracks, or don’t receive as much support or attention as any other equally great organization’s might receive.

Thirdly, this quilt initiative comes from our involvement in the motorcycle community. Where motorcycle clubs, groups, shops, etc., all pitch in a shirt, or something with a logo on it to create an art piece hat can be sold. And again raise money for a chosen recipient.

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Green n Yellow Group has been around doing a ton of behind the scenes help for families, children, organizations, etc., for 6 years. This year’s Quilt is hung up at Canadian Tire South.

To bid on this King Size one-of-a-kind beauty, go to The Auction will go to the end of July.

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