Sunday, December 3, 2023

New Poll: 61% of Albertans reject no-fault auto insurance

A new poll by Nanos Research for FAIR Alberta shows the majority of Albertans reject no-fault auto insurance.

Asked their preference regarding vehicle insurance and who they trust to make decisions about compensation and recovery in case of accidents, the poll found three times as many Albertans, 61%, prefer an “at-fault” system.

Albertans are seven times more likely to trust the courts to determine fair compensation for an automobile accident compared to insurance companies.

Keith McLaughlin, spokesperson for FAIR Alberta, says people in this province need affordable auto insurance, accountability for drivers and insurance companies. He stresses no-fault does none of that.

The results are part of an online survey of over 500 Alberta residents.

Key findings of this poll:

  • A majority (61%) prefer an at-fault automobile insurance system over a “no-fault” system
  • A majority (69%) trust a judge or the courts most to determine what is fair compensation for a victim seriously injured by an impaired driver
  • Seven in ten say they would want a medical provider of their choice to make decisions about their recovery and compensation if they were injured in a collision
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