Sunday, October 1, 2023

Two vigils being hosted for Sansom, Cardinal murder victims

Two candle light vigils in remembrance of local murder victim, Jake Sansom, and his uncle, Morris Cardinal, hopes to show that there’s always more light than hate.

Sansom, a 39-year old father of three who lived in Nobleford, and Cardinal, 59 -years old from Bonnyville, were allegedly killed during a fight on a rural road west of Bonnyville in April while they were hunting and fishing in the area.

A pair of vigils in Nobleford and Bonnyville are being planned by Sansom’s wife, Sarah, who says she wants to spread the love that Jake and Morris exemplified in their own lives.

“We just want to join everybody and unite in a night of stories and memories and tears for these boys because they deserve it,” Sansom told our radio station.

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Anthony Bilodeau, 31, and Roger Bilodeau, 56, are each charged with second-degree murder in the deaths.

Sansom says it comes as a comfort to her that the suspects are behind bars and that RCMP have handled the case with a great deal of care, adding that she will not allow herself to focus on hating the two men in a time where it could be easy to do so.

“I’m angry. I’m sad. [But] I don’t want my kids to focus on that and I don’t want the world to focus on that. I want to keep spreading Jake and Morris’ love.”

The vigils are scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 3 starting at 7:00 p.m. at Centennial Park in Nobleford and in front of the courthouse in Bonnyville.

Those wanting to attend the vigils or watch the live stream, can follow the “Candle Light Vigil in memory of Jake Sansom and Morris Cardinal” event on Facebook for more information.

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