Thursday, December 7, 2023

Red Crow College to be rebuilt with help of $20 million in federal funding

The main campus of Red Crow College will finally be rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire back in 2015.

$20-million in federal funding for the project was announced Thursday, Oct.1 as part of the Liberal government’s plan to strengthen the economy and build resilient communities.

Another $28-million is coming from other sources at a municipal or donor level. No provincial funding for the project was included in Thursday’s announcement.

The University of Lethbridge is also on the receiving end of federal funds to create an open administrative space and offices for Indigenous Elders and student counsellors as well as an Indigenous gathering space for Elders’ Talking Circles, celebrations and other events.

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The renovated space will even come complete with a new smudging exhaust system.

U of L President Mike Mahon says “we knew from the onset that Iikaisskini needed to be in a central location on campus so that it was accessible to our students. Another key element was that we wanted it to be highly visible to all, acknowledging, respecting and honouring the values, history, customs, and culture of the Blackfoot speaking nations on whose territorial lands the University resides.”

Officials say the proposed University Hall location satisfies those needs.

The federal government is chipping in $184,000 for that project while community donors are providing $276,000.

Federal funds are also earmarked for Medicine Hat College for an extension and to repurpose existing space. Part of that project will also include the creation of an Indigenous gathering place for teaching and sharing.

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