More cases of COVID-19 being reported at two Lethbridge schools this week and an outbreak declared at another local high school.

The Holy Spirit Catholic School Division says a single case has been identified at Catholic Central High School and the Lethbridge School Division says an outbreak has been declared by Alberta Health at Winston Churchill High School, with three infections there.

AHS says all close contacts of those confirmed COVID-19 cases will be told they must quarantine for at least 14 days.

The Alberta Government defines an outbreak as: If there are TWO OR MORE confirmed cases in your school setting (staff/child) within a 14-day period (one incubation period) OR two or more confirmed cases staff child) that are epidemiologically linked.

As with all cases found in schools, it’s not being disclosed whether the positive cases of COVID-19 are students or school staff members.

All schools in Lethbridge remain open at this time.