A local tech start-up, likened to “Airbnb for stuff,” is gaining in popularity.

Rentbridge allows people to rent nearly anything you’d find in a house or a garage from books and portable DVD players to kayaking equipment, musical instruments, and drywall lifts.

CEO and Co-founder, Alex Pezzutto, says Rentbridge helps people do what they love in a way that is financially and environmentally sustainable.

He says “you have access to all these tools you don’t need to own anymore. You don’t need to go buy something you’re never going to use, or throw out all the packaging and throw it in the garbage later. So you’re helping the environment, you’re helping your finances, and you’re building community.”

Pezzutto believes in a future where people can have a full-time income renting out what they own, saying “between our spaces, vehicles, and now our stuff, we can rent out nearly anything we have and can make a significant contributor to our income.”

The site also offers $100,000 insurance per item, user verification, and delivery options.

Pezzutto says their online platform has hundreds of users with Rentbridge recently launching app versions of its website as well.