Friday, June 2, 2023
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Second COVID-19 case confirmed at care centre on Blood Reserve

Officials on the Blood Reserve are confirming another case of COVID-19 at the Kainai Continuing Care Centre.

Earlier this week, one case was confirmed at the facility in Standoff, now a second positive case has been identified.

Blood Tribe Emergency Management says staff at the care centre continue to provide services to elders there in the best manner possible.

A news release from the Blood Tribe says it knows this development will cause immediate concern and distress “because we hold our elders to the highest degree in our community”.

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The Blood Tribe is again asking members to remain calm and be there for one another by way of phone, text, email, and other methods “to ease the pain of isolation”.

The Kainai Continuing Care Centre remains closed to visitors until further notice with immediate COVID testing for all residents and staff.

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