CALGARY, AB – Health Minister Tyler Shandro is clearing the air on recent restriction changes that affect fitness centres.

He says if you operate a gym, “you can be open.”

Low intensity solo and group fitness is allowed indoors pending appointment.

Shandro describes low intensity as any activity that doesn’t make you breathe any harder than you normally would.

“It’s not about the activity you’re doing and where, it’s about the intensity,” said the minister late Tuesday. “Gym, studio, and fitness centre operators need to use their best judgement in identifying what category their group exercises or exercise classes fall into.”

Shandro also stated the provincial government isn’t looking to hand out fines, but just wants people to be safe.

“I want to be clear. We’re relying on owners and clients to use judgement and to show good faith. We need people to follow the rules. The goal is compliance. It is not sanctions. We’re not looking for opportunities to hand out tickets. We want people to use gyms and other facilities safely. Enforcement is only ever a last resort,” says Shandro.