LETHBRIDGE, AB – Lethbridge County is voicing concerns with a few areas of Alberta Budget 2021, especially the decrease in municipal funding.

Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding is set to be reduced by 25-percent over the next three years and Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program funding is forecast to decrease in the future.

“When we plan for our capital projects, MSI and STIP funding have been critical in allowing us to complete needed infrastructure improvement projects, such as repairs to heavy-use roads, upgrades to roads and sidewalks in our hamlets, and various drainage projects. Predictable and stable infrastructure funding remains one of our greatest needs, but with this reduction in funding we may have to put projects on hold in the future.” – Reeve Lorne Hickey, Lethbridge County

Chief Administrative Officer, Ann Mitchell says “the reduction in MSI and STIP funding is unfortunate and will certainly impact our capital projects moving forward. However, we are committed to ensuring our voices are heard at the provincial and federal levels and we will continue lobbying efforts in support of stable and predictable infrastructure funding for Lethbridge County and all municipalities.”

The County is also concerned with the feasibility of a provincial police service as well as the availability of water for the region and how potential future coal mining may impact supply.

Despite these concerns, Lethbridge County says it supports the continued funding to libraries and Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), which it says are so vital to the health and well-being of its communities.