Prime Minister Trudeau and U.S. President Trump to meet in Washington; Mining Association head welcoming new bill

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Prime Minister Trudeau and U.S. President Trump to meet in Washington

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump will discuss continental trade and their shared challenges with China in a meeting in Washington next week.

The Prime Minister’s Office says the leaders will use next Thursday’s meeting to talk about the ratification of the new North American trade agreement as well as the plight of the two Canadians who’ve been detained in China for the last six months.

Mining Association head welcoming controversial bill

The head of the Mining Association of Canada says the hotly contested federal environmental assessment bill is welcome in the industry it will affect the most.

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Canada’s oil and gas companies are lobbying hard against Bill C-69, saying it will discourage investors and prevent any more pipelines from being built in Canada. However the head of the mining association says metal and mineral mines account for more than half of the assessments done under the existing law and the industry thinks the bill is an improvement.

Commercial drivers will be required to have electronic logging devices

Transport Canada is going to require all commercial drivers to have electronic logging devices.

The federal department says it will make the tamper-resistant devices mandatory on June 12th, 2021, to ensure truck and bus drivers are not on the road for longer than their daily limit. The devices track when and for how long drivers have been behind the wheel.

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