LETHBRIDGE, AB – It’s become more and more expensive in recent months to rent a place in Lethbridge to live.

This city continues to buck a national trend which has been showing a consistent drop in rental prices over the past year.

Compared to this time last year, monthly average rent in Lethbridge is up 5.6% for a one bedroom place and 8.7% for a two bedroom.

According to Rental.ca Lethbridge is still affordable when compared to other communities on the list.

This city was ranked 32nd out of 35 cities when it comes to what people are paying for rent across the country.

The average rent in Lethbridge for a one bedroom place in April was around $947 a month and $1,075 for two bedrooms.

One interesting statistic to note province-wide, furnished apartments in Alberta are listed 38% higher than unfurnished places, so if you have your own stuff that could save you a bundle in rent.

In comparison, the average rent for all Canadian properties listed on Rentals.ca in April was down 9% from April of 2020.