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Not expecting bad summer for mosquitoes in Lethbridge

It’s that time of year when mosquitoes start to ruin our outdoor fun, however Lethbridge’s mosquito technician doesn’t expect things to be too bad this summer.

Ron Esau tells My Lethbridge even with rain in the forecast this week, mosquitoes shouldn’t be much of an issue here. “May and June are really the months we’re most worried about and we are already half way through June. Even with the rain this weekend I don’t think things will get too bad this year.”

Esau says he’s been spraying for mosquitoes around local lakes and ponds for a few weeks now to try and mitigate any potential concerns heading into summer. He uses a spray called Vectobac. “It’s a bacteria called BTI. I throw it into the water when I see mosquito larvae. A lot of the places I’ve been going to have been sort of marsh lands down in the river valley. It’s been pretty dry up top.”

Esau notes after a heavy rain mosquitoes will usually come out within 8 to 10 days. He says the good thing is there really hasn’t been any standing water this spring and that will help mitigate any potential problems this summer with the little pests.

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