Monday, March 20, 2023

8,000 addiction treatment spaces being funded in Alberta, double the original goal

EDMONTON, AB – The Alberta Government has not only fulfilled but doubled its promise to fund thousands of addiction treatment spaces.

A commitment was announced back in 2019 to provide 4,000 annual treatment spaces. Now, up to 8,000 publicly funded treatment, detox and recovery spaces are open to Albertans in need, at no cost to them.

Of the most recently announced annual spaces, there are 65 at McMan Youth – South Region, 48 at Alpha House and 44 at Southern Alcare Manor here in Lethbridge, 1251 at the Bringing the Spirit Home Safe Withdrawal Management Site in Standoff and 832 spaces at the Foothills Centre in Fort Macleod.

Starting next year, the “My Recovery Plan” software will also be implemented to allow for better wait-time management and treatment tracking. Users will be able to take their data with them from place to place, to avoid having to start from zero every time they have to move through the system.

“Recovery is possible,” said Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Mike Ellis. “The opportunity to pursue recovery is something every Albertan deserves.”

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