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New electricity usage record set in Alberta on Jan. 3

CALGARY, AB – Alberta has set new record for electricity usage as the province settles back into a deep freeze.

The Alberta Electric System Operator took to social media Tuesday to share the news.

On Monday, Jan. 3, Alberta used 11,939 MW of power – besting the previous record by 210 MW.

The AESO says the “grid is in good shape” but conservation always helps so it’s encouraging Albertans to try to save power during this current cold snap.

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You can turn off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances; minimize the use of space heaters; delay running washers and dryers or dishwashers until after the peak hours of 4pm to 7pm; limit the use of bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans; use motion detector lights outside; and work on a laptop instead of a desktop computer.

An extreme cold warning is once again in effect for nearly all of Alberta.

Environment Canada says to expect wind chill values pushing -40 for most of this week with the risk of frostbite in minutes.

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