Monday, December 5, 2022

Helen Schuler Nature Centre receives significant personal donation

The Helen Schuler Nature Centre has received its largest-ever personal donation.

The $20,000, given by Carol Leriger, will go towards the Outdoor Learning Classroom and Amphitheatre project.

“The Nature Centre does such a wonderful job! I feel privileged to be a part of it,” says Carol Leriger.

The Nature Centre’s Curtis Goodman says the community will benefit from Leriger’s donation for many years to come. “We know that learning outside has a positive impact on human health and wellness, from infancy to adulthood and the list of benefits is extensive, including everything from mental wellness to physical health.”

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The new Outdoor Classroom will enhance the Nature Centre experience by providing a more functional area for visiting school groups, families, and visitors to engage with Nature Centre parks interpreters.

Fundraising for the Outdoor Classroom project started in 2018. To date, including Carol Leriger’s donation, over $244,000 in contributions have been made to the project.

The project aims to transform a well-loved community spot into a more welcoming and universally accessible space that is the gateway entrance to the Nature Preservation Park.

Construction on the Outdoor Classroom, which will also increase accessibility for visitors, will begin during the middle of next year (2020).

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