Saturday, September 25, 2021
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More campaign promises expected Monday; Canadians are taking science less seriously if findings don’t align with their beliefs

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Federal candidates are in Ontario and News Brunswick 

Federal party leaders are focusing on eastern Canada on day 13 of the campaign. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is in southern Ontario and expected to make a health care announcement in Hamilton. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is also in Ontario to make policy announcements and tour with local candidates. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Leader Elizabeth May are campaigning in the Maritimes. Singh is introducing a Candidate in New Brunswick, while May is in the province’s capital to make an announcement of her own.

latest promises from party leaders include tax cuts, help for veterans and drug decriminalization

The latest promises on the campaign trail include tax cuts and lower cell phone bills from Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pledged to help Canadian veterans financially. Green Leader, Elizabeth May, vowed to decriminalize all drugs if elected.

Research group wants pharmaceutical heroin available to addicts 

Should drug users be able to receive medical-grade versions of the street drugs they’re addicted to? One Canadian research group seems to think so. A report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests giving addicts pharmaceutical-grade heroin for those who are unaffected by oral medications like methadone.

Skepticism of climate change is on the rise

Canadians are believing less in science. A new Ipsos poll says half of people surveyed think scientists are elitists and would discount findings that don’t align with their personal beliefs. The survey also found that over 30 per cent of the almost 15,000 people asked worldwide are skeptical of climate change.

Trial of the executive for Chinese tech giant continues Monday

The case against a Huawei executive arrested in Vancouver last December is scheduled to return to court. Lawyers for the executive claim she was unlawfully detained at Vancouver’s airport at the direction of the U.S. Her extradition trial begins in January. The arrest sparked trade disputes between Canada and China.

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