Thursday, March 23, 2023

Blunt force injuries deemed cause of death in manslaughter trial

A medical examiner testifying during a voir dire in a Lethbridge manslaughter trial, saying the victim died from blunt force injuries.

Rylan Twigg, 25, and Simon Scout, 20, are charged in the death of Kenrick First Rider, 45, at his north Lethbridge home in November 2017.

Dr. Allison Edgecombe conducted the autopsy on First Rider. She told the court on Monday (Sep. 23) that he was hit at least 15 times, and suffered three fractured ribs not related to CPR efforts, multiple facial fractures, a shoe imprint on his face, bruises on his neck that could suggest strangulation as well as other bruises, lacerations and abrasions.

Dr. Edgecombe also testified that the toxicology report showed First Rider had a very high concentration of alcohol in his system, along with cocaine, meth, and fentanyl. She notes that blood loss, blood collecting in his airway and a traumatic brain injury contributed to his death.

The judge still has to decide if the medical examiner’s evidence will be allowed in the trial itself.

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