The University of Lethbridge is introducing a new program called “Nourish” to help eliminate food scarcity for students.

While there are existing programs, research done by Campus Chaplain Erin Phillips and a team of university and college faculty shows food security is still an issue.

When asked if students ever ran out of food and didn’t have enough money for more, 19.2% said “sometimes” and 7.5% said “often” or “all the time.”

Though Phillips says only 7.4% of students reported having used the campus food bank. “These are sobering numbers and something we’re working hard to address,” says Phillips.

Nourish intends to raise the profile of the Students Union Food Bank as well as the many campus initiatives in place to help students in need of food.

Phillips says the U of L has a very caring campus community that has shown over the years they are eager to help and, through Nourish, they see the opportunity to bring people and their ideas together to increase our students’ access to healthy food.