Monday, January 30, 2023

Large portion of Lethbridge Family Centre funding is “in the air”

The Executive Director of Lethbridge’s Family Centre says staff are trying their best to provide seamless transitions as several changes are currently taking place.

Peter Imhof says both the Government of Alberta and City of Lethbridge have initiated significant realignments of their prevention and early intervention services for families. He notes the Parent Link Centre Network, which was established in 2004, will close at the end of March to be replaced by the Family Resilience Network, and money will be consolidated and allocated at the same time for preventative services, family community support services and housing and homelessness.

Imhof also adds that several contracts have been cancelled either for March 31 or June 30.

“Without government subsidies, our services would not be there,” Imhof told our radio station. “In total, I think we’re looking at 90% of the funding that the Family Centre receives is currently in the air.”

Imhoff says he hopes the province will make decisions that benefit the local community, and not just a party line.

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