Lethbridge Police are asking residents not to call the LPS if they have public complaints related to the new provincial laws around COVID-19.

LPS say the process for officers to hand out tickets for violations of the Public Health Act are still being finalized.

At this time, anyone who sees or becomes aware of any violation of a COVID-19 public health order, they can report it directly on the Alberta Health Services website.

Once the complaint is received, AHS will assess the appropriate response and a Health Inspector will be assigned. Health Inspectors may request the assistance of police or a peace officer or request law enforcement respond to the complaint directly.

Lethbridge Police want to make sure the capacity of dispatchers and the City’s 311 call centre aren’t overwhelmed by COVID-19 related calls.

LPS ask citizens to be vigilant in taking appropriate steps to protect their health and safety.

(With files from LPS release)