Thursday, September 29, 2022

New charity funds developed to make donating to charity easier

Canada Helps has launched two new COVID-19 Cause Funds to give Canadians a streamlined way to donate to support frontline workers and all their favourite charities.

The Hospital and Healthcare Fund and the Community Care fund were announced Thursday.

In a phone interview with Vista Radio, Director for Charity Engagement Jacob O’Conner explained how these funds make it easier to reach more charities with less effort, “It’s a collective of registered charities that are responding to COVID (19) and it’s an innovative way for Canadians to support efforts to respond on a broader scale with one single donation.”

O’Conner also noted that all donations to the COVID-19 Healthcare and Hospital Fund as well as the Community Care Fund will be doubled thanks to Gore Mutual Fund matching up to $2 million.

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“Just Wednesday (Apr. 2) there has been over $220,000 raised in the Healthcare and Hospital Fund and in the Community Care fund we are at $225,000 raised in just a day, so there has been a pretty huge immediate response.”

This brings the total amount raised in just one day for both funds to just under half a million dollars.

O’Conner also mentioned how statistics from last year are showing the rate of donations sent by Canadians has been flattening lately. He says these funds are a really good way to consider donating especially in these times as most of the country is staying at home thinking “How can I help?”

You can go here and click on the top tab to donate.

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