You may notice water rescue crews on the Oldman River this week.

Lethbridge Fire & Emergency Services is conducting training for a number of its team members.

The department recently acquired two new boats. The boats are specifically designed to work on rivers, which can have varying depths in just short distances.

Water Rescue Team Lead, Brendon Pyne says this training is extremely important. “This is getting our water rescue team members familiar with these new boats and how they operate and handle. They are very different than previous boats. The training right now going up and down the river is good for us to pick out where the hazards are and what issues we could possibly encounter in the event we get called out”.

Pyne stresses if people are on the water this summer to please take all the necessary precautions, like filing a float plan with someone and wearing a life jacket.

He says he strongly advises against taking alcohol on the river and having proper footwear is important too in case you have to get out of the water in a hurry.