Friday, January 27, 2023

Lethbridge School Division releases results of back-to-school parent survey

Parents of kids in the Lethbridge School Division have had their say as to what they’d be most comfortable with when the new academic year starts up in September.

A total of 6,599 people submitted feedback online to a number of questions and scenarios.

The overwhelming majority of parents in the public system here, almost 86.67% in fact, said they are “very likely” to send their kids back to school in September, in a blended operational format (Scenario 2) if there will be health protocols in place like social distancing.

With that same scenario, 62% of parents in the Lethbridge School Division say they would favour their children going to school every second day, for a full day, if schools have to limit the number of students in a classroom. Roughly 33% of parents would be okay with students coming to school for a half day, four times a week under Scenario 2.

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According to the survey, parents are very much not in favour (57.92%)of continuing with primarily at-home learning (Scenario 3) for a number of reasons which include concerns about their child’s mental health and balancing work commitments.

You can see the full results of the survey here: Lethbridge School Division Parent Survey

The UCP govenrment will be making a decision by early August as to what going back to school this fall is going to look like.

Summary of Results:

  • Under Scenario 1 – Regular operations (without social-distancing protocols), 77.82% of parents surveyed said they were “very likely” to send their child to school.
  • Under Scenario 2 – Blended operation (health protocols in place, including social distancing, 86.67% of parents surveyed said they were “very likely” to send their child to school.
  • Under Scenario 3 – At-home learning, 57.92% of parents surveyed said they were “not at all comfortable” having their children continue with online learning in the fall
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