The Blackfoot Confederacy has joined the growing list of Indigenous voices, and others, who are urging Premier Jason Kenney to dismiss his speechwriter for racist views.

Paul Bunner has been under fire since his 2013 article called “The ‘Genocide’ That Failed” began circulating in recent weeks.

Judge Eugene Creighton, a prominent Blackfoot community member, says Bunner’s views on residential schools are offensive, dehumanizing, and have hurt the Treaty relationship while these stereotypes of First Nations fuel systemic racism.

Blood Tribe Chief Roy Fox says the province needs to make the right decision and dismiss Bunner, adding misguided statements by government representatives only encourages racism against Indigenous people.

Alberta’s NDP drew attention, earlier this week, to other past articles written by Bunner, which Opposition members say are racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, and homophobic.

One of the articles, from 2003, uses a racial slur and suggests people of colour commit most of the violent crimes in this country.

Premier Kenney has said Bunner’s comments do not reflect or change the policy of the Government of Alberta.