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Marshal Iwaasa still not found after comprehensive ground search; case will remain open

An exhaustive search for a missing Lethbridge man in a mountainous area of British Columbia has turned up no further evidence.

A search involving 12 police officers from Lethbridge, Pemberton, BC and other surrounding RCMP detachments, as well as 15 search and rescue personnel, took place on June 24 to try to find 26-year old Marshal Iwaasa. The team conducted a comprehensive ground search of areas that were not previously covered near the scene where Iwaasa’s burned out pickup truck was found in November, north of Whistler.

An RCMP fire investigator also processed the truck for evidence, and LPS say they’re currently waiting for that report.

Iwaasa has been missing since Nov. 17, 2019 when he was last seen by relatives here Lethbridge. He was supposed to return to Calgary that day, where he was living at the time, but has not been seen or heard from since. LPS say the case is considered suspicious, but there’s no information to suggest foul play at this time.

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Police say Iwaasa is now listed with the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains, where his DNA and dental records are on file to help identify remains if any are located.

Interviews are also being conducted with several people and the case will remain open, with a dedicated investigator who will actively pursue new evidence, until Iwaasa is found or the case is solved.

LPS say they continue to monitor all aspects of Iwaasa’s personal affairs and have checked all available sources to determine his movements, but there have been no footprints of life since his disappearance.

At this time, no further searches are being planned.

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