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Premier Jason Kenney calls federal Throne Speech a “fantasy plan”

Premier Jason Kenney holding nothing back on his feelings about the federal government’s Throne Speech, saying Thursday (Sept. 24) it will make Canada poorer and weaken national unity.

Kenney is extremely critical of the Liberals blueprint. He says not one word was mentioned about Alberta’s energy sector or western alienation.

“In a 6,783 word Throne Speech, not one word recognized the crisis facing Canada’s largest industry – the energy sector that supports 800,000 jobs, directly and indirectly,” stressed Kenney. “Instead, we got a litany of policies that would strangle investment and jeopardize resource jobs when we most need the industry that generates 20% of government revenues in Canada.”

The premier says this speech reflected a total lack of understanding about the economic crisis we are living right now as a country as he continued to hammer away at Wednesday’s Throne Speech.

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“It was fantasy plan for a mythical country that only exists, apparently in the minds of Ottawa liberals and like-minded Laurentian elites that forgets about the regions and the resource workers who have been the motor of Canadian prosperity in recent decades,” said the Premier Thursday morning.

Kenney says Alberta has never asked for a handout. Instead, the province is merely asking for the federal government to support Alberta in the same way it’s supported Canada for generations.

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