Lethbridge residents are paying some of the highest gas prices in the province right now and that has people here a little ticked off.

The average price for regular unleaded at city pumps is around a $1.17 a litre at the moment. Two hours up the highway in Calgary and people there are paying around 94-cents.

Dan McTeague is a petroleum analyst with GasBuddy.com. He says “Lethbridge gas stations, they know as well as I do that it’s costing them 99-cents a litre, maybe a dollar, to buy their fuel but they’re demanding 117.9 so that’s a pretty generous margin and that’s much higher than I’d expect for Lethbridge.”

McTeague says gas prices in Lethbridge should really be in the $1.10 per litre range right now and no higher, though he does expect prices will continue to drop.