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LPS called to keep the peace at off-reserve Blood Tribe polling location

Photo courtesy of CJOC News (Pat Siedlecki)
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Lethbridge Police were called out Thursday night (Nov. 26) to an off-reserve Blood Tribe election polling station.

Voting was taking place at Exhibition Park, however a security firm was concerned things were starting to get a little too aggressive after a group of people became upset after not being able to cast ballots.

When Lethbridge Police arrived just after 8:00 pm, they found several people gathered outside the entrance to the polling station.

Many were upset they had been waiting a long time to vote, but were told by security that the polls were closed and they had to leave.

Polling stations on the Blood Reserve as well as one in Lethbridge and Calgary were supposed to close at 7:00 pm Thursday, however election workers extended that an extra hour.

An LPS officer read out a bylaw to the group stating the voting hours. After that the crowd began to leave without any issues.

Members of the Blood Tribe were voting for a new Chief and Council.

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