After a full week of debate, Lethbridge City Council’s Finance Committee found a way to significantly cut back on spending in next year’s operating budget.

Councillors started the week off dealing with with a 3.64% tax increase in 2021 and 1.82% in 2022.

However, after going through several budget items Finance Committee ended the week with what it had being aiming for — a 0% tax increase for the next two years for Lethbridge property owners.

These recommendations still have to be approved by a full meeting of City Council which could actually come on Monday (Nov. 30).

If given the green light, the 0% would be applied to the municipal portion of property taxes and doesn’t account for any potential increases on the provincial side of things.

Council spent the past week going over several budget items to try and find ways to save money. One of the biggest recommendations was to cut the Lethbridge Police budget by $1 million.