School districts across the province are concerned about the future of the school nutrition pilot program.

The $15 million program was brought in by the former NDP government, however the United Conservatives haven’t said yet if it will continue this fall.

Lethbridge’s Holy Spirit School District received more than 250 thousand dollars in funding for this last year. Superintendent Chris Smeaton says it’s an important program. “We know there is a growing hunger in Lethbridge and surrounding areas so the loss of this type of funding will certainly impact the lives of many children and families.”

Across the province this past school year, the program has fed around 33 thousand students each day.

Holy Spirit received just over $250,000 to fund the program in four of its district schools, however the program is up in the air at the moment until word comes down from the new provincial government.

Smeaton says not having this program continue just impacts the most marginalized families. “If it’s not funded (this fall) we’re just going to have to look for greater community support to look after these kids who are coming to school hungry.”