OTTAWA, ON – Canada received a lot of good news Friday on the COVID-19 vaccine front.

Not only did Health Canada approve the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine, the Prime Minister shared that we are getting many more doses from Pfizer before the end of March.

He says Pfizer is moving up deliveries of 3.5 million doses to Canada which had been earmarked for this summer.

“We’d been committing to you that we will get 6 million doses total of COVID vaccine by the end of March,” the PM said Friday morning. “With these accelerated Pfizer deliveries, we’ll now be getting 8 million doses by the end of March.”

That means 12.8 million doses from just Pfizer alone between April and June.

Canada is now on track to now receive over 36 million total vaccine doses from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson doses by the end of June.

Trudeau says more and more vaccines will be sent to the provinces and territories in the next few weeks and months. He’s optimistic Canadians who want the vaccine will have one well before the September timeline.