LETHBRIDGE, AB – Several complaints in recent weeks about concerning traffic offences has local police stepping up enforcement.

Lethbridge Police say there has been an increasing is reports of  speeding, stunting and racing taking place around the city.

Sergeant Kevin Tablot with the LPS traffic unit says if you’re caught it could cost you in the pocket book.

“Speeding fines range from $110 to $495,” says Talbot. “It also brings with it a range of 2 to 6 demerit points against your licence if you’re caught speeding. Stunting is a $567 fine as is racing and careless driving.”

The main problem areas in Lethbridge right now are along Mayor Magrath Drive, Scenic Drive, 24th Avenue South, Metis Trail West and the far west end of Whoop-Up Drive.

Talbot says police are cracking down. “This is based on our own observations as police officers as to the activity we are seeing on these roads. Also, the public is complaining and we have to respond in some fashion. This is one piece of that is to educate everybody that this activity won’t be tolerated.”

The Sergeant was asked if any of this has to do with organized car clubs, however Talbot noted that does not appear to be the case at all, stressing there’s nothing to indicate that.

Talbot also notes the concerning traffic reports have come in involving cars, trucks, and motorbikes. He encourages residents who do witness racing or stunting or excessive speeding to call the Lethbridge Police complaints line.