Lethbridge High School adjusting timetable in light of COVID related “operational challenges”

Winston Churchill High School. Photo credit to MyLethbridgeNow.com (Pat Siedlecki)
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LETHBRIDGE, AB – Winston Churchill is adjusting its timetable to drastically reduce the number of students in the high school at any given time.

In a letter sent to parents on Thursday, the school says it’s been experiencing ongoing operational challenges due to staff and students having to isolate because of COVID-19.

Principal Tracy Wong says they’re also having a difficult time finding substitute teachers and accommodating for the historic levels of student absence which has been a steady 40-percent.

Starting on Monday, Winston Churchill students will attend in-person learning on alternating days and all Friday instruction will be online for everyone.

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That means only half the student population will be in the school at once.

Wong says the decision to shift the timetable was not made lightly and the biggest hope is to support the learning, well-being and health of the community.


Courtesy of Winston Churchill High School.
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