Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Significant rainfall expected for southwest Alberta this week

Southern Alberta is in for a very wet week.

June typically is the wettest month across this region and Environment Canada’s Dan Kulak says that’ll likely hold true.

He says the heaviest rain is expected for Thursday. “Precipitation we’re expecting for southwest Alberta and the Lethbridge, between Wednesday and Saturday, is possibly between 30 mm and 50 mm in some areas.”

Kulak notes the rain is much-needed. Lethbridge has seen just 5.2 mm so far this month. “Certainly we need the moisture and this is usually the time of year to get it. This will be good for keeping the wildfire threat under control and helping out farmers.”

Temperatures between Wednesday and Saturday as forecast to be significantly cooler as well, between 12 and 15 degrees celcius.

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