LETHBRIDGE, AB – A reminder that warmer weather usually comes with an increase in bike thefts locally.

With that in mind, Lethbridge Police are encouraging bike owners to register for the free Bike Index program to help deter theft, and ensure that if your bike is ever lost of stolen that it can be returned as soon as possible if it’s found.

It only take minutes to register at BikeIndex.org.

All you need is the serial number, make, model and colour as well as a photo, a description of any distinguishing features and your contact information.

Last year alone, 545 bikes were reported stolen to Lethbridge Police, but 760 were recovered. LPS say those numbers really highlight the importance of the Bike Index and also reporting stolen items to the police right away.

Bike Index stickers, available through Lethbridge Police as well as city stores selling bicycles, are made of a strong, weather-resistant material and are difficult to remove. The stickers can serve as a deterrent by showing the bike is registered and the owner can be identified by simply scanning the code.