LETHBRIDGE, AB – Heavy wet spring snow, like we’ve seeing this week, can do quite a number on your trees at this time of year.

Many trees have already leafed out and that makes them more susceptible to damage from the weight of the snow.

Lindsay Bell, Lethbridge’s Urban Forestry Technician, says try to just let nature take its course.

“I would encourage people to let the wind and sun knock the snow off the branches,” says Bell. “Don’t go in there and start beating up your trees. Wait till that snow is gone and then wait to the tree is dry and then do your inspection. Go look for cracked and broken branches.”

If you have to trim a tree, Bell says prune off the damaged wood properly when conditions improve and you should be good to go.

He notes if you try to prune broken trees when they’re still wet, that could result in more damage and invite the potential for diseases which could cause even more issues for you, especially if you have fruit trees.