LETHBRIDGE, AB – Remember when it snowed in Lethbridge less than two weeks ago?! Well, southern Alberta is in for another major weather flip, this time it’s potentially record-setting heat.

An early June heat wave is in the offing with a strong ridge of high pressure building over western Canada which will result in very toasty and dry conditions for many places.

Environment Canada classifies a heat wave as three or more consecutive days with temperatures above 30°C. Lethbridge is forecast to see temps between 30°C and 33°C all week long. Conditions aren’t expected to cool down to the low 20’s until Saturday.

There is a chance new high temperature records could be set for the period between June 1 and June 4 across southern Alberta this week as well.

Things are expected to be very hot from the B.C interior all the way through to Winnipeg in the coming days. Osoyoos, B.C. could get as warm as 37°C by Thursday, which is forecast to be the hottest day of the week across the west.

As mentioned, there is very little chance of any thunderstorm activity this week, so it’ll remain dry.