Friday, September 30, 2022

Five Lethbridge public schools under COVID outbreak status, two under alerts

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Students just went back to in-person classes last week and the Lethbridge School Division already has some schools with COVID-19 cases.

Five schools within the public division are currently under outbreak status.

Those include Winston Churchill High, Galbraith Elementary, Senator Fairbairn Middle School, Immanuel Christian Elementary and Senator Buchanan Elementary.

Even though those schools are listed as having outbreaks only Winston (2) and Fairbairn (1) actually have active cases.

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Chinook High and Coalbanks Elementary meanwhile are on COVID alert.

The school division says the active cases consistent of students and staff members who are currently in quarantine.

Investigations are currently on-going by AHS.

Schools currently on Outbreak status include:

  • Galbraith Elementary School – 16 cases (0 active)
  • Immanuel Christian Elementary School – 10 cases (0 active)
  • Senator Buchanan Elementary School – 5 cases (0 active)
  • Senator Fairbairn Middle School – 13 cases (1 active)
  • Winston Churchill High School – 23 cases (2 active)

Schools currently on alert status include:

  • Chinook High School – 1 case (1 active)
  • Coalbanks Elementary School – 1 case (0 active)
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