Friday, August 19, 2022

Watercraft inspections starting June 3 at Waterton Lakes National Park

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WATERTON, AB – If you’re planning on taking a paddleboard, canoe, kayak, or sailboat to Waterton expect it to be looked over before it hits the water.

A mandatory watercraft inspection begins Thursday, June 3rd.

Parks Canada says they’re trying to prevent harmful species, like whirling disease or invasive mussels from making it into the water.

All non-motorized watercraft will have to go through inspection. If you get the green light, you’ll receive a permit to launch your watercraft and then you’re good to go.

The inspection station will be set up on Highway 5 at the turnoff to the Waterton Park Gate.

How the inspection station works:

  • Visitors planning to launch a non-motorized watercraft in park waters must proceed to the
    inspection station before entering the park gate.
  •  Parks Canada staff will ask visitors a series of questions to assess risks and inspect the
    watercraft for standing water, mud, plants, or animals.
  • Inspection station staff will remove material that could contain aquatic invasive species, if any
  • A waterproof tag will be applied once the watercraft is certified free of invasive species. A
    paper permit will also be provided, to be kept with the vehicle.
  • Each time you want to enter the park with your boat, you will need to have it inspected to
    obtain a new permit.
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