OTTAWA, ON – A big development Wednesday when it comes to Canadians travelling back into the country.

The federal government is now moving to a phased approach to adjust the current health measures in place.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu says the health and safety of Canadians remains priority number one.

She notes what’s currently being considered in phase one, is to allow fully-vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents to enter Canada and do so without having to quarantine in a government hotel.

This does not apply to tourists..

“Travellers would have to be fully-vaccinated 14 days or more prior to their arrival,” said Hajdu on Wednesday. “They will still be required to have a negative pre-departure PCR test result and required to be tested upon arrival with a suitable quarantine plan to wait for their day one test result.”

The plan is have this go into effect at some point in early July.

Hajdu also stated it is better to be slow and cautious with re-opening the land border between Canada and the United States.

The comment comes in response to tourism associations across the country urging the feds to consider it before another season is lost. 

“Some countries are taking a very strong stance to open and had to re-close or change and adjust who can travel and when and what we want to do is take things carefully and cautiously so that we can sustain this recovery for Canadians,” she said 

In terms of planning for a re-opening, Hajdu said a variety of phases are in the works based on the country’s COVID-19 case count and vaccine trends. 

(With reports written by Vista national news reporter Mo Fahim)