Friday, September 30, 2022

Customer enhancements coming to Lethbridge Airport thanks to federal funding

LETHBRIDGE, AB – If you’re flying in and out of the Lethbridge Airport, you’ll start noticing some changes to the terminal building over the next few months.

The city has received just over $583,000 from the federal government (Western Economic Diversification Canada’s Regional Air Transportation Initiative) to make improvements at YQL that aim to enhance the customer experience.

Things like a self check-in kiosk, baggage system upgrades, powered wheelchairs for people with mobility challenges, and a visual passenger paging system to help those with hearing difficulties.

Mayor Chris Spearman says strengthening the Lethbridge Airport is vital to the economic development of this entire region.

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Lethbridge City Council had previously invested $2.6 million into the airport which was leveraged to secure $23 million in provincial and federal funding. That money is being used to eliminate safety risks, fast-track critical projects and position the airport for pandemic recovery.

The new customer enhancements should be finished by the end of March 2022.

This newly announced federal funding will support:

  • Common Use Terminal System: Install a common use terminal system that Canada’s main air carriers already use at other airports. This will lower route start-up costs as airlines wouldn’t be required to provide and maintain terminal system equipment, provide tech support or system upgrades.
  • Self-Check-In Kiosk System: Provide passengers with access to boarding pass and bag tag service through the use of self-check in kiosks.
  • Baggage System Upgrade: Upgrade the existing insert only baggage system with a rotating baggage carousel. This will prevent bag jams during deplaning, free up baggage handlers to conduct faster aircraft turnarounds, lower operating cost for the airlines and provide a better customer experience for public.
  • Powered Mobile Wheelchairs/Pushers: Assist passengers with mobility challenges in getting on and off of airplanes. These units will also increase safety for both the passenger and airline staff. 
  • Visual Passenger Paging System: Install a visual paging system to assist passengers with hearing disabilities as well as passengers that may have been distracted and missed their message. This system will provide an additional layer of customer service and could help decrease delays and customer experience issues
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