Lethbridge MLA Neudorf working to try and find solution to doctor shortage

Photo credit to Pixabay
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LETHBRIDGE, AB – Lethbridge has been experiencing a doctor shortage for months now and a local MLA says he’s working to try and find a solution.

Over the past year, 15 physicians here in the city have relocated, leaving several residents without a family doc.

Lethbridge -East MLA Nathan Neudorf says this has been the number one issue on his desk for a while now.

“I’ve asked for the ministry (health) to investigate the exact reasons why doctors are leaving, the exact reason why the doctors we have are unable to take further patients so that we can define the problem and therefore work toward a solution. It’s definitely challenging in Lethbridge right now,” says Neudorf.

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Neudorf says only a small number of these physicians have actually moved out of Alberta. “It’s really sad when doctors are leaving Lethbridge and moving to Calgary or Edmonton. The’re not leaving the province, only a small number are leaving the province.”

Just last month the Bigelow Fowler South Clinic announced it was closing down at the end of November after a number of physicians gave their notice. Bigelow Fowler south clinic closing in November; 11 doctors leaving

Neudorf says it is difficult right now because many residents here can’t get a family doctor and that is a huge need in the city.

The Opposition NDP has put the blame for this on the UCP government saying “they have made Alberta an undesirable place to live and work as a health care worker.” Neudorf though says he doesn’t want this become a blame game where people blames the doctors for normal course of work or blame the government, other than the fact it needs to find a solution.

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